Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 15-Emily

I'm so sorry for the lack of posting. We have been so busy recently, it's rolling into finals season, only 3 more weeks of classes before all of the exams begin. We are getting very excited about going to Hawaii.
Eating raw has been fantastic. Stephen and I are both full of energy and very happy. This has been the best thing I have ever done. This week we ate typically the same things as usual but did try something new with our salads. I started putting fruit in and came up with a chopped spinach, strawberry, banana, avocado, grape, and mineolo orange salad drizzled with fresh lemon and lime juice.
We also drank a grapefruit banana smoothie the other night and couldn't finish it before we went to bed, so it ended up in the freezer. The next morning we blended it again but it turned into not a liquid, but something similar to a sherbert. We have fallen in love. We are now making smoothies and just pouring them into ice cube trays so that we can blend them into "ice cream" when they're frozen.
We bought a lot more bulk food this week. Between Stephen and I, we purchased one 40 pound case of organic bananas, two 56 count cases of ruby red grapefruit, one 18 pound case of green grapes, one 7 count case of large pineapple, one flat of strawberries, one 5 pound bag of carrots, 2.5 pounds of spinach, 3 heads of romaine lettuce, 2 heads of dinosaur kale, one head each of boston red and green leaf lettuce, one head of regular green kale, 3 pounds of brocolli, 5 pounds of tomatoes, 3 large beets, one large red onion, one large white onion, 3 pounds of apples, 1/2 watermelon, 1/2 cantaloupe, 12 avocados and other things I can't remember. When you ask how we get our calories, here's a photo of our groceries:
We have been eating constantly and feeling great. There aren't anymore cravings for the junk food like there used to be, and I think my body has finally finished detoxing. I've really appreciated all of the kind words and support from everyone I see, but am so tired of people asking me where I get my protein. I finally finished my research paper I've been working on for three month and will be posting it following this post, so hopefully I can just direct people here from now on and they can read all about it. Haha.
I have reached the thinnest I have ever been and am still losing weight. I will weight myself tomorrow and let everyone know of this weeks weigh in, but my last was 135 a week ago. I feel so good. Everyday I wake up and my stomach is flatter and thighs are smaller. I love this lifestyle. I wish I could get everyone to eat this way. :)


  1. Great shopping! I love it when I bring home a haul like that.

  2. Love your pictures!!! Great work!!!

  3. You guys should do a piece on prices. I know it's easy eating raw in Atlanta but here in Athens the only options are Kroger, Publix, and pricey health food stores and co-ops. And you can't exactly grow your own in an apartment. But I'd like to see how much a raw diet costs on average if you keep track.
    Keep it up!

  4. I love the idea of freezing smoothies in ice trays! This hot weather definitely makes me crave ice cream!